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day 3: Uluru first contact in vignettes

Haven’t done a vignette series in a while. Here’s one. Continue reading

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the veil is thin

It’s solidly midwinter here in Canberra — the Solstice is next Friday, in fact. The air is crisp and clean, and a few stubborn leaves still cling to the ends of branches, making me think of fall. I remember vividly … Continue reading

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kia ora koutou!

I’ve been absorbed in Getting Shit Done lately, so I haven’t had much to say; those who are interested in the shit I’m getting done should look at RSNearch, though those posts may or may not be accessible depending on … Continue reading

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Australia Day 2013

A public holiday gives me a chance for a quick bullet-list update. Continue reading

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make way for ducklings!

All right all you northern hemisphere folks — while you guys are winding down on the long slump towards winter, spring has been in gear for a while and by now we are solidly into summer. It’s 84 F and … Continue reading

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long Easter birthday weekend adventures part 1

Midnight as I’m starting to type. I have just had the most splendid birthday in recent memory, and I can’t sleep now because, despite multiple warnings, I had too much tiramisu. I’m listening to Sun Kil Moon‘s recent Modest Mouse … Continue reading

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springtime and natural beauty in Canberra 2011

Spring has been underway in the Southern Hemisphere for some time now, and it’s a welcome change from the uniformly cold, Britannic blustery days we’d been having. We went over to Daylight Savings time about a week ago, and the … Continue reading

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