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alternative job prospects

From Sean at Cosmic Variance: Soliciting advice on non-academic careers for science Ph.D.s This kind of discussion happens all the time these days within the walls of the ivory tower, predictably, since a lot of Ph.D.s do end up having … Continue reading

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World Tour 2011 Day 1: Airplanes and body scanners

Finally made it to Boston; it’s a bit after 6:30 AM local time. I slept for about four hours before the sun woke me up. I spent about 20 hours actually in the air yesterday, and 27 hours total on … Continue reading

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I BRAKE FOR TAILGATERS: the bumper sticker I’ve always wanted

Dear Canberra Drivers, It would really help lower my blood pressure if you could all please leave a safe following distance when driving behind me. I find myself more than a little unnerved when I’m driving 80 kph (that’s 50 … Continue reading

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planning world tours

Dear Long-Deprived Readers, It’s been busy out! I’ve had that creeping anxiety lately of having twelve dozen things due, wanting to spend time on important things but having to take care of urgent things instead, and being convinced I must … Continue reading

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