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ankle at 17 weeks: back on the bike?!

The latest word from my private physiotherapist is that I might seriously consider getting back on my bike again. Apparently this is a great way to stretch and rebuild the muscles I haven’t been using. I’m intrigued, since most importantly, … Continue reading

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Crimes Against Divinity and the future natural history of Christianity

Full disclosure: Crimes Against Divinity is a blog promoting atheistic freethought, sometimes with interesting and inspirational links on science news, but mostly with commentary on news stories about social injustice linked directly or indirectly to religion. Lots of material about … Continue reading

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cleaning house

For some reason I’m always startled at the new followers I get when I post a new kind of content. I’m not sure why this should be surprising, but it is. It’s not like I reliably post a particular kind … Continue reading

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roasted red pepper soup.

I made soup the other day. I just finished the last of it this afternoon. It looks like this. This is how I made it: 4 red peppers (Capsicum annuum) 1 medium-sized onion 4 cloves garlic 1 (14-oz) can cannellini … Continue reading

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“weight bearing to tolerance” in progress

Y’know, when I came to Australia I never thought I would be writing so much about being (even temporarily) disabled. All this new material, and meant very much for the outside world so I don’t have to send so many … Continue reading

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achievement unlocked: partial weight-bearing

At my most recent Fracture Clinic appointment on the first Friday in July, I was told I could start bearing weight on my left foot again, and — to my surprise — that I didn’t need the boot anymore! It’s … Continue reading

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