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Aspen 2010: black magic with SN Ia light curves

In which I meet my new boss, and hear about a fun new technique to reconstruct the properties of a star from the light emitted by its explosion. Continue reading

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first day at the Aspen Center: type Ia supernovae

It’s a rainy morning in my first week at the Aspen Center for Physics, but I’m hoping the sun comes out before too much longer.  For those of you who haven’t been, the ACP is a mountain retreat in Aspen, … Continue reading

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hopping on a plane!

At Bradley Int’l Airport, Hartford, waiting to board the first of a series of flights that will take me to the Aspen Center for Physics.  This will be the second week of a two-week workshop on type Ia supernovae (my … Continue reading

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doing the visa dance!

My visa came through today!  I was seriously starting to get worried about it…  not so much for any concrete reason (the DIAC told me to expect it to take two months and it’s been only five weeks) as that … Continue reading

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postdoc dinner

One day later, recovering from more food. You’d think all we do in this business is eat. This time it was farewell to Barcelona, a first-rate tapas/wine bar downtown. Various forms of goat cheese, roasted garlic, and a nice spicy … Continue reading

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doing old Qfwfq proud

Obligatory mildly pretentious introductory post. Continue reading

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