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I don’t have any coherent stories to tell tonight, folks. But for friends who want to know how I’m doing (hi, NSA!), here’s a snapshot of my mental state: Thanks to JenBrady Aultman for the kind words on my Facebook … Continue reading

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Crimes Against Divinity and the future natural history of Christianity

Full disclosure: Crimes Against Divinity is a blog promoting atheistic freethought, sometimes with interesting and inspirational links on science news, but mostly with commentary on news stories about social injustice linked directly or indirectly to religion. Lots of material about … Continue reading

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waiting games

Further to earlier post and all manner of Facebook statuses, some funnier than others: The first-person experience of my hospital stay now more closely resembles an absurdist play than a Buddhist sutra (“well Didi, Dr. Godot called to say he … Continue reading

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