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Jumptown Jam 2012: the return of Gordon Webster

I’m at Sfoglia right now, which I once reviewed in a list of escape cafes I like to inhabit around here. Among those listed there, and a few others I hadn’t mentioned (such as the bookplate cafe at the National … Continue reading

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long Easter birthday weekend adventures part 2

Right, so this is part 2 of the four-day crazy long weekend extravaganza. Part 1 can be found here. So Saturday was my actual birthday. Apparently it is a Emily’s-family tradition that birthday boys/girls gain quasi-dictatorial powers on their birthdays, … Continue reading

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long Easter birthday weekend adventures part 1

Midnight as I’m starting to type. I have just had the most splendid birthday in recent memory, and I can’t sleep now because, despite multiple warnings, I had too much tiramisu. I’m listening to Sun Kil Moon‘s recent Modest Mouse … Continue reading

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RSAA Colloquium: Brad Gibson on galaxy formation simulations

Today’s colloquium was given by Brad Gibson of the University of Central Lancashire, a place you couldn’t blame us for not having heard of before. It is, among other things, the site of England’s tallest church (not counting cathedrals, of … Continue reading

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Maipenrai Vintage Day 2012

This Sunday I went picking grapes in Brian’s vineyard.  No, seriously.  Don’t look at Sunday’s day of the month.  You say “pics or it didn’t happen”?  It totally happened.  I went last year too (on April 17), with Em and … Continue reading

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