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birthday at home

[Ed: A week after the fact.] I got what I wanted for my most recent birthday: I went home from the hospital. Emily went out and rented a wheelchair from one of the local chemists. Wheels: $3/day. Hooning around your … Continue reading

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home at last

I’m typing this from the safety and security of the futon in my living room. It doesn’t have all the motorized adjustability of the hospital bed, and the futon mattress is pretty hard. But the blankets are much softer, the … Continue reading

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they tried to make me go to rehab, I said AAAIIIGHHH

Post-op day 2. SQUICK WARNING still in effect. I learned the hard way how essential painkillers are going to be to making a full recovery. The physiotherapist came in this morning with some crutches for me to train with; I … Continue reading

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It turns out that post-op hurts about 5 times worse than anything I experienced before they operated, even on the high-strength painkillers (oxycodone). The pain has morphed through many forms, all equally ugly and intense: feeling like someone was continually … Continue reading

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waiting games

Further to earlier post and all manner of Facebook statuses, some funnier than others: The first-person experience of my hospital stay now more closely resembles an absurdist play than a Buddhist sutra (“well Didi, Dr. Godot called to say he … Continue reading

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