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I don’t have any coherent stories to tell tonight, folks. But for friends who want to know how I’m doing (hi, NSA!), here’s a snapshot of my mental state: Thanks to JenBrady Aultman for the kind words on my Facebook … Continue reading

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Gay Paree take 2

Foreign language triumphs. Itty bitty living space. Turn that music down, kids. And more. Continue reading

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Jumptown Jam 2012: the return of Gordon Webster

I’m at Sfoglia right now, which I once reviewed in a list of escape cafes I like to inhabit around here. Among those listed there, and a few others I hadn’t mentioned (such as the bookplate cafe at the National … Continue reading

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winter in Canberra and Bon Iver’s new album

I remember, from my graduate school days, some well-meaning souls once telling me I was lucky to live in Albuquerque (I was there as on-site contact for the STACEE project) during the winter, because I was avoiding the freezing temperatures. … Continue reading

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