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webcomic review: MS Paint Adventures

Please read Homestuck. It rules. I’d say that is all, but there’s more under the cut; much more, in fact. Plenty of links for back-reference, but not too many spoilers. Continue reading

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Taronga Zoo Adventure Day, featuring photo-op koalas

A report on our snuggle koala expedition, during which we also saw many other interesting animals both furry and feathered. Continue reading

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you’ve got 15 minutes to pack your bags

This morning Emily asked me a question I found surprising: “Do you know if airlines still do standby rates?” I was like: “What?… you mean, you show up at the airport and go on standby and maybe you can get … Continue reading

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NECTAR Annual Retreat: early-career academic issues at ANU

My experiences at the NECTAR Annual Retreat for early-career academics. They were a bit confusing, but I think there’s some good to be done here. Continue reading

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social media platforms and the professional image

In which I mostly complain about Facebook and LinkedIn, but wonder how much of my complaining is really fair, and how much different techniques of engaging with social media can help one get more out of what’s on the Internet. Continue reading

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