cleaning house

For some reason I’m always startled at the new followers I get when I post a new kind of content. I’m not sure why this should be surprising, but it is. It’s not like I reliably post a particular kind of content here; I’m not a science blogger or a food blogger or a travel blogger, at least not all the time; I don’t have a niche, and I’m not even a particularly creative writer.

It’s cold here. A lot of stressful things are converging all at once: Some faraway friends of mine are going through particularly awful breakups. I’ve barely done anything on my own Shipping Visa in weeks in the hopes of staying here in Oz with Emily, and the Australian government is trying hard to severely restrict the kind of visa I’m on now. Emily is of course not in Canberra 90% of the time now, and my world has basically been science anyway. I submitted a paper to a prestigious journal a couple of months ago, with Brian’s encouragement, which I just learned was rejected, so now I have to re-rewrite it for a rank-and-file journal, which will delay its publication for at least another two months. I don’t still want to be working on last year’s publications halfway into this year.

Yeah, so all that, and also it’s fucking cold in here.

Times like these are when one grasps for whatever control one can muster over one’s environment: doing dishes, putting things away, cleaning out old email. More arrives each day, of course — a palpable reminder that entropy can only increase. The only way I know how to cope is to simplify.

I actually did have a lovely weekend, full of warmth and good things: Emily came to visit, and we celebrated both her sister’s and her mother’s birthday, with cake, presents, way too much food and not nearly enough board games. Now it’s back to the slog.


About Richard

I'm an American scientist who is building a new life in Australia. This space will contain words about science and math, but also philosophy, policy, literature, my travels, occasional rants, all sorts of things I find strange and awesome. The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer at the time (currently University of Sydney), though personally, I think they should.
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