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I’ll skip the apologies for not posting and note merely that I’ve been preoccupied. Many things have happened, not all entirely worth writing about: A new apartment. A “new” used car (well, it goes forward). A pretty bad slice to my finger with a kitchen knife, requiring six stitches. Aberlour. Glenlivet. Pancake brunches and curry dinners with lovely people. Still not so much science, but once things start to settle out I expect to have more to say on that front.

For the moment, I present you with the following quiz on Australian pop culture as I’ve experienced it. It would be splendid if I could use the WordPress poll feature to compile results, but I can’t figure out how to get it to display more than one question at a time. When I figure out how that works I may re-post this and see what everyone gets.


  1. In the Australian public service campaign slogan “don’t be a tosser”, possible synonyms include (pick all that apply):
    1. Wanker
    2. Git
    3. Litterbug
    4. Jerk
  2. Possible synonyms for “bathroom” in Australian English include (pick all that apply):
    1. Restroom
    2. Toilet
    3. Dunny
    4. WC
  3. Which are properly formed idiomatic constructions in Australian English?
    1. “How’s it going?”
    2. “How [are] you going?”
    3. “How’s it doing?”
    4. “How [are] you doing?”
  4. The Australians sometimes call their country (pick all that apply):
    1. Oz (“follow the yellow brick road!”)
    2. Down Under (“where beer does flow and men chunder”)
    3. God’s Own Earth (“we don’t like stuck-up stickybeaks here”)
  5. “G’day” means (pick all that apply):
    1. Hello
    2. Goodbye
    3. Thank you
    4. Lovely mornin’, innit?
  6. “Cheers” means (pick all that apply):
    1. Goodbye
    2. Please
    3. Thank you
    4. You’re welcome
  7. “No worries” means (pick all that apply):
    1. You’re welcome
    2. Don’t trouble yourself
    3. Relax, mate, she’ll be right
    4. Hakuna matata
  8. “Won’t be a minute” means you should wait (pick the closest):
    1. A minute
    2. Five minutes
    3. An hour
    4. As long as it bloody well takes
  9. Cuisine

  10. “Short black”, “long black” and “flat white” refer to ways to prepare:
    1. Espresso drinks
    2. Drip-brewed coffee
    3. Tea
    4. Toast served with breakfast
  11. Vegemite is a trade name for:
    1. A spreadable substance made from brewer’s yeast
    2. An eco-friendly building material made out of recycled vegetable matter
    3. The Cookie Monster’s little-known weakness
    4. Get that nasty stuff away from me!
  12. Which indigenous Australian wildlife species is commonly featured on the grill at barbecues?
    1. Wombat
    2. Platypus
    3. Kangaroo
    4. Koala
  13. Which of the following wines are considered superior when made from grapes grown in Australia?
    1. Shiraz
    2. Cabernet Sauvignon
    3. Pinot Noir
    4. Chardonnay
  14. Which of the following wines are considered superior when made from grapes grown in New Zealand?
    1. Merlot
    2. Shiraz
    3. Chardonnay
    4. Sauvignon Blanc
  15. Driving

  16. Which wildlife species are road hazards to Australian motorists?
    1. Kangaroos
    2. Magpies
    3. Insects
    4. All of the above
  17. Which wildlife species are road hazards to Australian cyclists?
    1. Kangaroos
    2. Magpies
    3. Insects
    4. All of the above
  18. Which wildlife species is the ACT Wildlife Service not allowed to help revive or save if injured, due to its status as a pest?
    1. Wombat
    2. Platypus
    3. Kangaroo
    4. Koala
  19. Australians exhibit which of the following behaviors regularly?
    1. Jaywalking
    2. Tailgating
    3. Both
    4. Neither
  20. In the ACT it is legal to do which of the following (pick all that apply)?
    1. Turn left on red at appropriately marked intersections
    2. Cycle on the footpaths (= sidewalks) when there’s no bike lane
    3. Drive if your blood alcohol level is less than 0.08%
  21. “Roundabouts” (or “rotaries” in American English) substitute for 4-way stop signs in what fraction of residential intersections in Australia?
    1. Almost none
    2. About a quarter
    3. About half
    4. Almost all

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I'm an American scientist who is building a new life in Australia. This space will contain words about science and math, but also philosophy, policy, literature, my travels, occasional rants, all sorts of things I find strange and awesome. The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer at the time (currently University of Sydney), though personally, I think they should.
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2 Responses to pop culture quiz

  1. karoppi says:

    Where are the answers?!?!


    • Richard says:

      Some of them have been posted in entries I know you’ve read… but if I can find a way to re-post this as a poll, so I can see what the spectrum of responses is, then I’ll post my own answers later. Till then, you’ll just have to wait!

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