getting set up: driver’s license, broadband

Today (Monday), accomplished two more to-do items. One of them was getting my broadband service set up. Finally I feel like I’ve got reasonable Internet access without sucking down the data limit on my iPhone by tethering it. (Remember, in Australia they don’t have unlimited data, and indeed you can suffer large penalties if you overdraw your data limit! I’ve now got a 20 GB download limit during peak hours — noon to midnight — and 100 GB off-peak, if I’m ever actually awake and at home during those hours.)

The other thing I did was to acquire a genuine Australian (ACT) driver’s license. This was by far the least painful experience I’ve ever had at a DMV-equivalent. The first time I forgot my American (CT) driver’s license and had to go back and get it, but I caught that myself and avoided further embarrassment. Once I returned with my American license, they gave me an eye test (which I passed), asked me for $135, and then printed me a new license good until I’m 40 — all in the space of about half an hour. And I got to keep the American license along with the new Australian license. The picture on my new license even looks pretty good!

The new license should make it a lot easier to present ID when applying for new services here in the ACT, including library cards, vehicle registration, and, most notably, apartment leases. That’s going to be the next big push. But I’ll have some more fun things to write before then.


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I'm an American scientist who is building a new life in Australia. This space will contain words about science and math, but also philosophy, policy, literature, my travels, occasional rants, all sorts of things I find strange and awesome. The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer at the time (currently University of Sydney), though personally, I think they should.
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