first day at Stromlo: forms!

It’s my first day in my new office at Mt. Stromlo Observatory, except it isn’t my office, they’ll find my office as soon as they get hold of Brian to figure out where my office should be.  For the moment I am retaining some hope that I should indeed have one.  Since none of my Skymapper colleagues are around, I’m spending today filling out forms — or rather, I’ll spend tonight filling out forms, and instead am taking advantage of the Internet access during the day.  Mostly I’ve been catching up on email and social networking platforms — my expectations for accomplishing anything scientific in the first week are pretty low — but I’ll have a look at astro-ph in a little bit.

Tea is at 10:30 am each day, and the lunch rush starts at 12:30 pm.  I was informed in both cases by an apologetic David Nicholls about half an hour after each event, but tomorrow I’ll be sure to make them.  Coffee is $14/month, but at $0.50 per espresso plus unlimited tea rights is still a steal.  I’ll post pictures of the ridiculously pretty view from the top of the hill whenever I can get them uploaded.


About Richard

I'm an American scientist who is building a new life in Australia. This space will contain words about science and math, but also philosophy, policy, literature, my travels, occasional rants, all sorts of things I find strange and awesome. The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer at the time (currently University of Sydney), though personally, I think they should.
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