hopping on a plane!

At Bradley Int’l Airport, Hartford, waiting to board the first of a series of flights that will take me to the Aspen Center for Physics.  This will be the second week of a two-week workshop on type Ia supernovae (my favorite) and while I wish I could’ve attended both weeks, it is perhaps just as well given the disarray my life of late has been in.

Briefly:  Julianne Dalcanton has given a really nice unpacking of the Decadal Survey over at Cosmic Variance. If you’re curious about how the community will be investing its resources over the next ten years, read what she’s written; I’m still relatively new to astronomy and don’t yet know all the implications of what’s posted.  But the upshot is that LSST was ranked first ground-based project, and WFIRST — which I used to know as JDEM (“so that’s what they’re calling it these days!”) — was ranked first space-based project.

About Richard

I'm an American astronomer who's been transported to Australia for five years. This space will contain words about science, but also philosophy, policy, literature, my travels, occasional rants, all the things I find strange and awesome about my new home, etc. They all sort of blend together after a while. The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Australian National University, though personally, I think they should.
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